Hire Regulations


Ottershaw Village Hall Hire Regulations

1. Conditions of Hire and Responsibilities of Hirer
• The Hall is let subject to these regulations and at the discretion of the Hall Management Committee. The Committee’s decision is final in every application for hire. A contract or booking form is issued to confirm each hire.
• If the hirer (the person who signs the booking form or contract) is not going to be present during all the hire, s/he must appoint another responsible person, over the age of 21, who will be present during all the hire, and give them a copy of these Regulations to read and to take responsibility for ensuring compliance with them.

2. Nature of Hire Function
• The purpose of the hire of the Hall shall be notified to the Administrator when the hire is arranged.
• No auction, sale or other form of commercial activity is allowed unless sanctioned by the Management Committee.

3. Hire Restrictions
• The Hall may be let for activities from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm daily. The Hall must be cleared, cleaned and vacated by 11.30 pm. Lets on Sunday mornings are only granted at the discretion of the Management Committee.
• The maximum number of persons present at any one time in the building shall not exceed 150. The maximum number of persons permitted to be seated at any event in the main Hall is 100. The maximum capacity of the Runnymede Room is 42. Fire exits must be left clear at all times.
• No hiring for the purposes of amplified music (e.g. provided by live bands or discos) is allowed after 6.00 pm Sunday to Thursday or after 7.00 pm Friday and Saturday, without permission from the Management Committee.
• All music must end by 11.00 pm and the Hall must be vacated no later than 11.30 pm for any event.
• A Performing Rights Society certificate is held which enables music to be played in the hall. Obtaining any other licences required for activities in the hall is the responsibility of the hirer.
• Note that the Hall is not licensed for the sale of beer, wines or spirits. Contact Runnymede Borough Council in the first instance if such licences are to be sought.
• Ensure that the Hall’s NO SMOKING policy (which includes e-cigarettes) is rigidly observed.

4. Booking Charges
• For all occasional bookings a separate deposit will be required – £100 for family parties and £50 for under-12s. This is refundable within ten days of the hire, provided that, in the opinion of the Management Committee, all the Hall regulations have been met and the hirer has carried out his/her responsibilities as described.
• Cancellations are chargeable in full, but a refund may be made at the discretion of the Management Committee, subject to an administration charge of £20.

5. Management Committee Disclaimer
• Every endeavour will be made by the Management Committee to fulfil any booking, but they retain the right to cancel any letting should the need arise. In such cases the Management Committee’s liability will be limited to the refund of monies paid in respect of a booking.
• The Management Committee will not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred by hirers or any other person whilst using the Hall, including loss or damage to goods or property left in the Hall.

6. Safety of Persons using the Hall
As a minimum, the hirer shall take the following safety precautions:
• Carry out a risk assessment of the intended activity. The risk assessment should identify any specific precautions / actions that the hirer needs to undertake to ensure the safety of his/her group. Specific requirements may be needed for disabled persons, young persons, etc. In particular the hirer should consider how s/he will evacuate the building in the event of fire or other emergency.
• Locate the 4 fire exits from the building and check they are unobstructed and remain so.
• Locate the first aid box in the kitchen.
• Check the position of fire extinguishers / fire blanket / fire alarm system and their modes of operation.
• Ensure that alarms are not set off falsely. The activation of the Fire Alarm, even false alarms, can result in the Fire Brigade being called. The Fire Brigade is entitled to charge for a false callout. The hirer at the time of the false alarm will be liable for any such charge and may also be charged should a keyholder have to be called out to reset the alarm.
• Ensure that real flame candles are not used.
• Ensure that when the hall is used for stage play performances, all scenery, curtains, stage effects etc. shall be of non-flammable material.
• Ensure that no alterations are made to electrical circuits.
• Ensure that all portable electrical appliances brought in and used or stored at the Hall are tested, and labelled as having been tested. (All portable electrical appliances provided by the Hall are tested and labelled as tested.)
• Record any accident that occurs on an Accident Report form (located in the kitchen).
• Report any defective or damaged equipment or facilities using a Defect Report form (located in the kitchen), so repairs can be actioned by the Hall Administrator. Wherever possible a notice should be fixed to the damaged equipment warning that it is not to be used.

7. Insurance
• Ottershaw Village Hall (the Charity) holds Public Liability insurance. This insurance does not cover the Hirer for loss as a result of his/her own actions or inaction.
• It is recommended that the hirer has adequate insurance in force for all legal liabilities which could arise, including death or personal injury to third parties (including employees and volunteers), damage to Hall property or the property of others, arising out of occupation and activities whilst at the Hall premises.

8. Music and Nuisance
• The hirer shall ensure that the playing of music etc. shall not cause any nuisance to nearby residents.
• The hirer shall use the Hall’s PA system for all amplified music, unless agreed otherwise by the Hall Administrator.
• Any independently provided amplified music shall be powered from the sockets on the stage, which are controlled by a noise limiter.
• All external doors and windows should be kept closed during the hire to minimise noise emissions from the Hall. For the same reason, the internal doors between the main hall, kitchen and back stage area should be kept closed.
• In the event of a complaint about music or nuisance, the Environmental Health Officer may be called to investigate. The hirer will be held responsible and must accept any necessary action which may be taken.

9. Condition and Security of the Hall
• The hirer must ensure that the Hall is left secure and undamaged and the Hall and outside paved and grassed areas are left in a clean and tidy condition, suitable for use by the next hirer. Users are asked not to wear stiletto heels as they damage the Hall floor.
• IMPORTANT: ALL LIGHTS, electric heaters and urn must be switched off before leaving the Hall. A charge will be made for electricity used when these appliances and lights are left switched on after a hire.
• Any spillages should be dealt with promptly; mops, brooms, dustpans and brushes are stored in the cleaner’s cupboard within the gents’ toilets and in the area to the rear of the kitchen.
• All doors and windows must be closed and locked securely after the hire.
• Bagged rubbish, and/or recyclable waste, must be placed in the outside bins provided or removed from the premises.
• The key must be returned immediately after the hire period to the Administrator or Hall Supervisor.
• To avoid causing damage, adhesive tape, drawing pins, nails, etc. must not be used as fixings in the Hall; Blu-tack may be used on doors, windows and woodwork ONLY. Notices may be placed by Regular Users only on the notice board provided at the rear of the main hall.
• A charge may be made to cover the repair of any damage or breakages arising during a hire.

10. Curtains
• Curtains to windows should be left open on leaving the Hall.
• To conserve heat, the stage curtains should not be opened without permission from the Administrator and should always be closed on leaving the Hall. The stage curtains may only be operated by use of the winding handle and/or pulley in the Surrey Room, to the right of the stage.

11. Kitchen
• Communal china/glassware/cutlery and some cookware is provided for use by all hirers. Please ensure this is washed and replaced in cupboards after use.

12. Alcoholic Drinks
• Alcoholic drinks may be consumed on the premises, but the hirer may not make any charges for providing alcohol unless they hold a licence.
• Hirers wishing to sell alcohol at events must seek the prior agreement of the Administrator. The hirer shall obtain the appropriate Temporary Event Notice from Runnymede Borough Council and provide evidence of the Licence to the Administrator, 14 days in advance of the event.

13. Tables and chairs
• Tables and chairs must not be taken outside the Hall without permission of the Administrator.
• Tables and chairs should be moved with care, so as not to damage the walls, woodwork or the floor, using the trolleys provided for the chairs.
• Tables and chairs used must be returned to the store area and stacked neatly so as to allow passage. Do not stack chairs more than 8 high. Plastic chairs should be used for all children’s parties.

14. Lost Property
• Property left in the Hall will be kept in the unlocked labelled cupboard in the Surrey Room, for one month. Uncollected items may be disposed of after this time.

Ottershaw Village Hall Hire Regulations

Registered Charity No: 1123141

Revised June 2016

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